I’m a PC and I study PC

I’ve always been a proud PC — HP to be exact. I love Starbuck’s. I love my iPod. There’s something about going full-fledged Apple that I can’t seem to overcome though. So, I’m proud of the Windows Vista “Life Without Walls” campaign.

Apple’s “I’m a Mac,” campaign uncooled the PC. Period. It presented the PC as an out of touch Dwight-Shrute-but-not-as-funny-when-it’s-your-PC-and-your-virus type of person. The commercial was simple and so effective. The Mac was “so Mac.” The Mac was the “student.” The student that is in all my classes with a white Starbuck’s cup to match the white MacBook and white iPod. They are in my lecture class, but when not they raise their hand in a discussion to say something vague, overreaching, but ponderable — in an unaffected tone, surely perfected during hours in front of the mirror practicing their extreme apathy look, no less. The Mac was cool. Like “those” pop stars though, it might have been what I wanted to be — but it wasn’t me.

Life Without Walls didn’t uncool “the Mac,” it reinforced it. The Mac put the “i” in isolation — splendid isolation — but isolation no less. The PC breaks down the walls and emphasizes the connectivity available with technology. Macs are clean, and sterile. PCs are colorful and real. Macs are students. PCs are doctors, school children, moms, graphic designers, athletes, marine biologists, actresses, and students.

Watch This Space: Life Without Walls heard “I’m a Mac,” and responded, “Yes, you are. I’m a PC, but so is she, and he, and so are they; we are PCs.”

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