The Re-Branding of America: So, how old does that make Snoopy?

So, we’re going to try this one more time. Woodstock: it could happen, right?

So after 40 years of wandering across the socio-political desert — polyester, Reaganomics, iLife — we end up in an oddly familiar stretch of promised land: Woodstock.

I’ll avoid — for now — the litany of parallels dawning America’s cultural re-renaissance. And let the theoretical minds explode with thematic narratives of young America’s recent treks and time travels.

In 1969 the youth faced war, injustice, and it’s own grim reflection for the first time; at Woodstock Jimi’s guitar gently weeped on behalf of a generation. 40 years later the youth face war, poverty, and another reunion with a falsified sense of self; I hope this Woodstock sees more than just a trail of tween tears at the base of a Jonas guitar.

We’ve been through so much as a country and as a generation, but at the end of the day have we learned anything? Music is the pulse and soul of a culture. I’m hoping some artists come out from behind the AutoTune and ProTools, because from the looks of it we’re running on a pacemaker — yeah it gets the job done, but it’s still no heart.

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