Distriction: March 2nd on the Metro

DC makes for great distractions during the day. If an WMATA official calls you out — call their bluff.

I was walking along the Shady Grove platform at the Metro Center stop. Minding my own business — kind of — listening to my iPod and a Metro attendant stopped me. She said “I’m sorry Miss but you have to take your headphones out. iPods aren’t allowed in the Metro stations anymore. Yeah. People were turning their songs up too loud.”

I politely took out my headphones — keeping eye contact — but held them at shoulder height to let her know my ears would only be empty temporarily. Assuming she was done, I took a breath, but before I could say “No. You aren’t allowed in the Metro,” she continued, “I’m just playing. You looked too calm so I had to mess with you.”

In my mind I already tried her — but alas, she took the wind out of my sails. I wouldn’t have minded a scene. It was all fun and games — unfortunately for my mischievous half.

photo credit: ThisIsReality

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