eHarmony member #612679: Lindsay Lohan

yes. pop’s teflon donatella: looking for love, someone to spend the rest of her life with — or, at least, the rest of her probation with

I would describe my personality as creative — I’m  a bit of a night-owl. I’m a workaholic; I’m a shopaholic … and according to the State of California: an alcoholic — as well as a threat to all security guards, if they work at hotels.

Watch this space: you can’t catch her, she’s the gingerhead girl


  1. Hey Lindsay….

    I think you know why I’m messaging you lol…hopefully I’ll hear from you sooner than later sweetheart

  2. I’ve seen your “Freaky Friday” for 84 times. That’s how I’ve been studying American language before visiting the U.S.)))

  3. Hay Lindsay their is many people is alon like you in this world .
    I’m also one of those .
    So never loose hope because every thing happened is owns time so keep smiling .
    Because smile look more beautiful when its come on your face.
    So do this fever for as ..
    Keep smiling..and universe fill full your dreams..
    Love you ..
    This wish from a lover from INDIA
    Happy Valentine day my dream Valentine

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