The Re-Branding of America: Swine Flu, Souter, Spiderwebs, Scratches, Game Sevens – The Week in ‘S’

Quick in-and-out recap post. The only thing more prevalent this week than the Swine Flu was the letter S …

Starting with — as it was primarily due to — the Swine flu


and followed up by what is actually afflicting half of the reported cases: Sinuses


… it’s allergy season and you know what that means: Spring-Slash-Summer! yay pollen, bees, and mosquitoes!

don’t forget the dewy Spiderwebs in the hedges … and don’t pretend you don’t notice them glistening in the moonlight … even if you doubt it, gwen Stefani won’t — no doubt

lucky number Seven, not so much for the celtics who were hoping to knock it out in Six

Not to worry Boston fans. Two words: Jesus (Shuttlesworth). Saves. God rests on seventh days, no one said anything about his son resting on seventh games …

Supreme court Shifts: Souter Splits


Social advocacy and Social change. the last class of my undergrad career. april 28th … So long and Such

Swagger is back: respect my conglomerate

… Sadly, kid cudi‘s Swag can’t Swing these two to respect his.


Social networking Surges on … three of the week’s top-notch tweets




Sighs of relief: Samantha and lindsay — ‘Still friends’

Scratch. So long, So Sorry ‘i want revenge


Slim Shady drops the trailer for 3am


Til next time … stay safe and swine-free

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