The Re-Branding of America: Ride the Maverick – From BK, to AZ, to AK, and back again

Pop culture and politics continue to make for an intriguing set of bedfellows.

I was watching Living Single and Max “The Maverick” Shaw made 1996 sound an awful lot like Fall 2008.

Whether from Brooklyn, Arizona, or Alaska, a maverick is a maverick is a maverick; and they all speak the same language.

While John McCain has been “The Original Maverick” since before Webster’s could define the word, he just needed a way to package his Maverick-y talking points for the media.

The Brooklyn-based sitcom’s Season 4 episode “Ride the Maverick” proved that even McCain isn’t above the Jay-Z route of using the borough as a Blueprint

(Khadijah is interviewing alderman candidate, Max “The Maverick” Shaw, for Flavor Magazine)

Max: Okay, Khadijah let’s do this Q&A, I’m speaking at a nursing home and I wanna get their vote before their medication kicks in.
Khadijah: Now, one of the biggest problems in the school district is speeding in the school zones. Now as alderman, what would you do about it?
Max: Children are not speed bumps
Khadijah: And?
Max: And I’m ready for the next question, let’s go.
Khadijah: Alright, alright. Graffitti. Now, your opponent Malava favors an increase in police patrols, but now you see that could lead to higher taxes, now what do you propose?
Max: I say it’s time to win back our walls.
Khadijah: How?
Max: Dedication, perserverance and a word I’m not afraid to say, sweat!
Khadijah: You know, Max, when you answer these questions it’s okay to actually say something.
Max: No, no, look, Khadijah, that’s my secret. My press conference proved I know how to talk to the viewers. I mean, what you say isn’t nearly as important as the rhythm. Bam, blam, ker-blam, dingity, dingity dong. Next question!
Khadijah: Crime?
Max: Not on my street!
Khadijah: Education?
Max: Books are silent friends.
Khadijah: Employment?
Max: Work works!
Khadijah: Max, could you just once speak in complete sentences?
Max: … Complete sentences for every criminal! Yeah!

Maverick keys to success: Talk the talk. Don’t say anything, but say it adamantly.

It’s funny because it’s true … it’d be funnier if it wasn’t though

… still funny enough, because they lost.

Who to blame in case of defeat? Never the alcohol, blame the other …

Watch this Space: Because you thought Thomas, Rice, and Steele were the only ones they listened to… au contraire.

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