The Re-Branding of America: Animation Domination – Total Drama Action

Truth is not only stranger than fiction — it is pure fantasy; so to level out the imbalance, animation is creating a fiction more true than “reality.”

The Summer has plenty of very worthwhile, very watchable, very edutaining progamming to peruse. Cartoon Network is a treasure chest of euphemistically kid-friendly socially conscious satire.

Total Drama Island is a cartoon reality show competition. Like non-animated “reality” show competitions, participants compete against one another for fame — often settling for a modest stipend in the end.

A la Survivor, the teenage contestants compete in various challenges on an island, live together, start drama, and all for fame — that’s about as real as it gets. Even though it’s a cartoon, people get voted off and legitimately do not come back — that’s about as real as it gets. It’s fun.

Uncanny. If they didn’t wear the same clothes everyday I’d swear I was watching I Love Money — wait a minute …

As everything happens for a season, Total Drama Island begat Total Drama Action — the Summer blockbusting second round

Watch this space: Animation domination, like every great trademark, brands America. Right now, we are living in an increasingly artificial reality. Those with the best grasp on actual reality are starting from the drawing board — literally.

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