Playlistic :: The Gold Post: 100 Kept

Finally, the century mark. It’s times like this when you recap to the beginning and where it all began. So: a playlist paying tribute to where it always begins — home. (Actually, I stumbled across “City is Mine,” and decided to put together a city playlist. It just so happened to be The Dime’s 100th post, and all the cities are hometowns — thus the easy spin about where it begins.) Either way, enjoi

Starting at the top of the map with an ode to our Neighbors to the North — compliments of their most hyped export since Jimmy Brooks

and as a bonus hometown nod: Drake’s true stomping ground anthem (at :55 for the impatient Aubrey Graham fans)

Drake’s mentor Lil’ Wayne aka Dwayne Carter helped another Mr. Carter pay homage to his hometown of Brooklyn

Jay-Z’s partner in crime — the most dangerous since Jeff Skilling — Kanye West enlisted Chris Martin on the keys before he came home again

Across the pond, Lily covered Chris’ hometown anthem

Sometimes home isn’t where it actually began, but where you wish it did — and hearts always seem to end up in Paris … or Tokyo …

or California where dreams are made — and beautifully broken 15 minutes later

My hometown … changes by the day. No, but I was born in Charm City. Baltimore doesn’t have a legit anthemic song, but we do have The Wire — for better and worse

My second home is Atlanta. Obviously, no shortage of songs there (quite possibly the only thing Sherman didn’t own and/or destroy). Ludacris, Shawty Lo, Crime Mob, Lil’ Jon, Pastor Troy, Jeezy, YoungBloodz, Franchize, T.I., etc. all rep the city and the Trap like it’s their job — because, well, it is. Before the world could care less about the Trap though, two ATLiens introduced the world to the home of Spaghetti Junction

That brings us to the District, where I’ve been for a few years now. Naturally, the necessary choice to round it out would be the one and only and homie he’s Thelonius — Mr. DMV

That about does it for number 100 aka the (Cash for) Gold anniversary

Watch this space: Here’s to keepin’ it 100 for a steady hundred more

City Is Mine – Drake
Hello Brooklyn 2.0 – Jay-Z ft. Lil’ Wayne
Homecoming – Kanye West ft. Chris Martin
LDN (Warbox Remix) – Lily Allen
Paris, Tokyo – Lupe Fiasco
Beverly Hills – Weezer
Way Down in the Hole – DoMaJe
ATLiens – Outkast
Keep It 100 (Chopped & Screwed) – Bun B


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