Distriction Playlistic: Wale’s Latest & Greatest

Mr. DMV is rolling through 9:30 tonight; after trekking the country, he’s bringing Go-Go home again.

So before the District — or at least the DC blogger/DJ twitterati — flood V St., a brief latest and greatest …

Latest: Wale enlisted the help of Lady Gaga, The Factory 2.0 herself, for “Chillin’,” whose well-anticipated video leaked – but was cleaned up – today. So, here’s the live version from Last Call with Carson Daly:


And the jumpoff, Nike Boots – because it’s “flya than the rest of ’em”

… and some odds and ends in between

W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Mix)

Labelmate Daniel Merriweather’s “Change” ft. Wale

DC: meet the Midwest. Wale + throwback Lupe = “Let’s Ride”

VIBE rival contender for “Greatest Rapper Ever,” Kid Cudi’s Wale collaboration

In case you didn’t get a good feel for Wale – not Whale – here’s an intro

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