The Re-Branding of America: Real World Cancun

MTV is at it again like Timbaland & Magoo with “The Real World: Cancun”

To me, this is the perfect locale for The Real World right now. Cancun brings the fun, sun, drama, flash, pizzaz, fantasy island-esque feel that “The MTV Generation” is notorious for gobbling up with an insatiable greed.

I still remember being a young ladette entranced by the tropical glow of MTV’s Springer Break — y’know to get back to the true meaning of Easter, being on holiday break and all … bearing witness to the fact that even today after death (blackouts, reputation-killing escapades broadcast nationwide, etc.) anyone could arise three days later — albeit to their respective homes or college campuses where a probation citation would await any Spring Breaking student …

I digress though.

Cancun brings that style and pop! on which MTV relies for ratings and entertainment value. However, modern-day Mexico is a brilliant backdrop for the realest aspects of our world

The Narco State

The new “American” and the undeniable Mexican influence


and what global warming really looks like

and people that would die for healthcare reform — or any healthcare, literally

Whether MTV will err on the side of the real real world — a la True Life

or “reality’s” real world — a la The Hills

remains to be seen, but the fact that “The Real World” is taking place in such an active microcosm of contemporary society — the grime and the glossy overcoat — deserves a kudos.

Watch this space: no matter how bright the overt messaging — the subtext never lies … so watch this space actively; social insight and awareness rarely lie within the highlighted content

Watch that space: the political hunch is substantiated; disagree? from Cancun to DuPont Circle, from Mexico to “The Real World: Washington DC,” in this day and age, could be a coincidence … but even still, “life is the syncronicity of chance” so you might as well pay attention to what makes these two worlds so very, very real while the chance is here

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