Peachtree Speaks: Atlanta on Healthcare

As H1N1 claimed the life of its second Georgia citizen recently, it was an interesting day along Peachtree to see what the streets say about Atlanta’s take on Healthcare Reform…



can’t live without Grady …


but if the government is paying for your life-saving operation there, some Atlantans would rather die (bumper sticker: Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.)

Watch this space: What I see is public transportation emphasizing the importance of healthcare — the public good. While the man in this pickup truck is of a tad different ilk. Everything in the healthcare context: the driver may not be riding in a Benz, but at least 1) it’s his 2) the government doesn’t have their hands on it 3) he’s not sharing it with you … I wonder what his two cents are on Summer Rockefeller’s death of H1N1. I wonder if he’s donating any money to help her parents pay the medical bills — seeing as they both lost their jobs, health insurance, and daughter — because the government isn’t the solution to a problem like healthcare anyway…

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