Solo Mode – February 24: Kermit the Frog

What am I digging today? Nostalgia, childhood, the like… oh Twitter, you sandbox you

For the child in all of us: Muppets, puppets, monsters who are anything but mean, and the lack of ease in being green…

Love Jim Henson:

It may not be easy being green

but Kermit must be what he eats, because being this fly can’t be in his genes

I probably should’ve grown up awhile ago; for sarcasm to be my second-language, it seems I probably already have. Sometimes though in the midst of the work week, and the hustle for the cream – though cash rules everything around me – I look to the Frog, not Franklins, as my go-to green. So to break from the routine – Pop-gone-sardonic, society-gone-philosophic, and the life-shifting magnitude of all things adverts and art – is a simple little post from and for the ever-present kid at heart.

Watch This Space:

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