Re-Branding America: Jersey Shore no more, LDN gets it in-nit

Bringing Ad a Day back like a phoenix from the ashes… much like the fleur-de-lis did this year; naturally, in an effort to polish the once lost treasure, New Orleans made it clear – with advertisements like the one below – they have a keen focus on waste management… read: after Mark “Brownie Hell-on-Earth of a Job” Brown got done with us we know what trash looks like – so take that rif-raff back to Jersey where you found it


If it’s on the Jersey Shore, it’s not coming through the door: No Affliction. No Ed Hardy. No Christian Audigier. No exceptions.

Someone had to say it. Listen: this


and all kinds of this

are an American branding affliction – the kind that makes any proud Yankee pledge treason to the rag of the United States of America… My country tis of thee: teabags and Ed Hardy, some class to thee please bring. The aforementioned “this”es  need to cease and desist… immediately. Leave it to Britain to pick up the pieces

The “letterman” jacket is instantly recognisable as a symbol of belonging. From it’s roots in 50s American college sports teams it signified membership to an elite club- a garment that had to be earned by being on the team. A classic silhouette- part peacoat warmth, part bomber-jacket tough, the two-toned letterman merges sports heritage with references to youth subcultures from practically every decade since the 50s, where it has become an icon of the street as well as the stadium. Nike Sportswear’s limited edition interpretation, irreverently called THE DESTROYER, was always going to be a strictly luxurious affair just as we’ve come to expect from the most premium division of Nike.

What’s in the name? Back in ’06, Nike designers began a mission to re-craft iconic sports apparel in the most-technical materials they could find. The ubiquitous American varsity jacket was an obvious choice for the experiment that would become Nike Sportswear. Raiding the All Conditions Gear (ACG) innovation cache, they found fabrics, laminates and bonding methods that could brave nasty weather but still look fresh. The first letterman’s jacket was for an imaginary team called the Dunk High Destroyers. Limited numbers were produced. The next version got even more technical, but the Destroyer name stuck. The laser-cut, waterproof, bonded zipper became a signature feature of those early hybrids, encapsulating what you often couldn’t see on the products: futuristic functionality that never detracts from a timeless aesthetic.

The NYC edition of the Destroyer Jacket has already hit the Big Apple back in December. To celebrate the launch of the limited edition London Destroyer this week (at Selfridges and Nike’s own 1948 concept store) Dazed pulled together a new kind of “London team”. A group that reflects the attitude and irreverence of London now. 8 individuals who in their own diverse fields (sport, music, art, fashion) are pushing boundaries with an unmistakably “London Attitude”. We talked to them about what their city means to them and a little bit more about what they do, whilst they don the jacket that symbolises their allegiance to the capital. Remember it has to be earned!

Yep, leave it to the Brits to rewrite the blueprint, and Re-Brand a Yankee staple right. You… know you’re in a bad place when the NYC Destroyer jacket would rather go Madagascar and trek transatlantic to the UK, than slip-slide a few miles down Seaside to the fashion casket that is … The Jersey Shore.  Clean, classic, cool, contemporary – everything artificial Ed Hardy is not; yet, everything the authentic rebel without a cause was… that American ideal – thanks Mother England for reminding us. What does London mean to these artists and athletes? A sense of pride. What does the Shore mean to the average American? Pity – well that gym, tanning, and laundry.

Watch This Space: Branding is about allegiance. Brand loyalty is the modern creative – or any – class’ cultural identity… right now, we’ve got a situation on our hands: America’s love affair with all things Snook is not a good look – literally. With MTV looking to bring Ruski to the Shore, I doubt America is looking to Re-Brand it’s national identity anytime soon… thank God the London Destroyers came through to kill the counterfeit culture during the interim.


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