New Music Tuesday: Bad Rabbits

Bad Rabbits: These boys from Boston boast the self-proclaimed “swagger of Prince with the intensity of Bad Brains.” I don’t like setting additional biases before a first listen so wait until after the jump for my two cents.

“Can’t Back Down”

“Stick Up Kids (Full Demo Version)”

On first listen it felt like Kenna and Prince’s lovechild was moonwalking over my eardrums (my good one and my busted left one – so you know it’s nice). One of the things I adored about GTA: Vice City was the soundtrack; I remember driving along the coast listening to Fever 105… Oliver Cheatham’s “Get Down Saturday Night,” Kool & the Gang’s “Summer Madness,” and the Pointer Sisters’ “Automatic,” … great times… Anyway the point is Bad Rabbits brings a mix of Fever 105, Bad Brains’ “Banned in DC” intensity, Boston “because we’re banned in DC” bravado, Prince’s swagger and uncanny cacophony of synth and soul, more than a touch of Kenna, a splash of D’Angelo’s pre-prosti-not-so-much vocal stylings, and the Faneuil Hall funk of a rabbit who left his bad on the dance-floor. Bad Rabbits sounds like what neo-new-wave-funk with soul should sound like. So if they want to bring the eighties back; it’s okay with me, that’s where they made me at.

Watch this space: Who knew Beantown knew how to get down?

DOWNLOAD: Bad Rabbit 2 Song EP

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