Playlistic :: Dime Digest: New Music Tuesday – April 6, 2010

We’ve got a trifecta triple-deke this week: The New Loud, Florrie, and Natalia Kills – let’s get it in

The New Loud

“You don’t dance me, but I dance you.” Touche. This indie electro-altern-rock band hails from the land of a thousand lakes (Minneapolis, MN for those who forgot 3rd grade geography). Their music hails the gods of a thousand layers: solo vocals over chants that ride the border of hymnal and hypnotic, guitar riffs intertwined with space-age synth, electronic bass pulsating as the vocals build to a deafening roar, all backed by the most epic live drums this side of The Mars Volta – win.

Download their full 6-track EP: Can’t Stop Knowing here



Oh man, this one – the Brits… at it again like Timbaland and Magoo someone call 911, she’s on the run

She’s got splendific use of the synthesizer, is heavy handed with the disco magic, and not averse to cosigning the EuroPop sound synonymous with Engerlond’s Top 40. While that’s well and good, when it comes to the drums… this chick’s badder than Luda’s: mental

That british blue eyed soul… at. it. again.

Florrie – Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix)
Florrie – Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)


Natalia Kills

“My album is dark pop… think Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and Prince era. Its not ‘dance music’ but i’m sure you’ll be dancing…”

Like La Roux, Robyn, and Lady Gaga before her, Natalia Kills is another sinfully stellar piece of fruit from the most dangerous of trees… the Eden-esque CherryTree Records Pop’s very own tree of knowledge: if you don’t know, now you know. I personally have been waiting with bated breath to hear the highly anticipated buzz single from Natalia Kills.

men lie, women lie, swiper don’t lie: truth. Well worth the wait…

Real talk: I love this track. Christina’s Bionic … should sound something like this #dejavugagawho. If nothing else, CherryTree brings electronic-with-a-soul to the Pop table, and fine tunes technology in a way that adds a richness and depth where others settle for shallow synth shells of a track. Lyrically, the play on words paralleling Natalia’s love with a computer (hard drive, reset button, etc.) initially struck me as cheesy, but it’s actually quite clever… in a PokerFace kind of way. Sonically, there’s layers, there’s transitions, there’s staccato, there’s drum-machine melodies, there’s 808s, heartbreaks, and harmonies… yes: please. In the words of Kanye’s upcoming album title… this track does a “Good Axx Job.” Fame Kills… and so does Natalia.

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