40 Reasons, #39: GLEE

So don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually watch GLEE (because I’m a hypeconnected, hypermediated millenial whose attention span only suffices for commercials, ringtones, tweets, status updates, and headlines – not whole shows, movies, songs, albums, or articles). That said, I’ve been noticing a lot of GLEE on the commercials, ringtones, tweets, status updates, and headlines that I do peruse. Here’s what excites me about GLEE – and what it means for music:

1.) It brings people together: tweens, moms, tweeps, middle-schoolers, theater kids, blacks, whites, old people, young people, Republicans (maybe, I think, I don’t know), Democrats, further assumed opposite demographics… all talk about GLEE, even – and especially, like me – if they don’t watch it.

2.) It makes the culture go Pop – and tricks them into appreciating it. Madonna is relevant – and #1 – again: approve.

GLEE episodes are like melodic-Pop-textbooks-meets-Degrassi: edutainment ftw!

3.) They trick viewers into learning about the socio-political landscape – through satire, sarcasm, and snark: win… and then some

Now I have nothing against gays, just ask my sassy intern Tyler. He has to live in my toolshed, because I deny him healthcare – as I consider gayness a pre-existing condition… Adam Lambert: swish it up. I’ll listen to your music – heck, I’ll probably even hum as I head into the voting booth the next time a state government allows me the chance to deny you your basic rights… Swish it up a bit! I want pencil-thin drawn-on eyebrows, Botox, and lips so full of collagen that you look like a Real Housewife of whatever region you happen to be living in… So swish it up gays! Because if I can’t tell who’s gay, how will I know who to judge?

Like sis, the gays, and Sue, GLEE is pretty sneaky… hidden-in-plain-view hilarity; edutainment ftw… again!

Brass tacks: I’m excited about GLEE because it gets people talking, singing, dancing, learning, all in a nice neat little hour-long block. Just like the Boondocks, GLEE is taking matters into their own hands because in the aftermath of No (read: every) Child Left Behind kids need to get reacquainted with the educational system (via televised schools, of course, because Americans spend more time watching people go to school on TV, than they do actually going to school themselves). That and, even in the midst of unparalleled access to information, because – like the Boondocks – they know you don’t read the newspaper.

Watch this space: If Beyonce taught us nothing else, it’s that some things are better left sung and unsaid if you want to get the point across – GLEE kindly obliges. 2 down… 38 more to go.

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