Follow Friday: Paper Cuts

Paper Magazine dropped their “Social Networking Issue” earlier this month and – amidst the usual prime Pop culture prose and noteworthy points – featured their own “Who’s Who” primer of the Twittasphere:


When the world says they’re on their paper chase, it’s no wonder why with Paper’s taste: impeccable. Their 140 keep Twitter witty and wise… and ego-checked. A look back at the month’s last – but furthest from least – list of Tweeps to follow, know, love, @, #, RT, and DM the %*!&# out of, courtesy of Paper Magazine… featured below are a few of the finest from the character reel…

@questlove : Questlove

questlove1Drummers keep the beat – Quest is no different keeping to the root of the Tweet


@whitegrlproblem : White Girl Problems

whitegirlproblems1Yep, even though Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Mary Kate, and Casey lead deceptively glamorous lives, white girls do indeed have problems, just like the rest of us.


@sarahksilverman : Sarah Silverman

sks1and lest we forget the ills of the Jew Girl who pines endlessly for toys like her Gentile counterparts…


@liltunechi : Lil’ “Weezy F Baby” Wayne

liltunechi1Mr. Reade, first name Duane may have the Apple on lock like Eve, but Mr. Carter, first name Dwayne has the world calling Wayne (read: Young Moolah, baby). His positivity hugs so tight you’d think you were a Styrofoam cup of sizzurp.

RT @liltunechi: iPod,iChat,iPhone,iPad……………..i love. // eye see…….. you @liltunechi


@_m_i_a_ : M.I.A.


This one is consistent. The more things change, the more they stay the same…


… just as life is unfair – but unfair for everyone, and is thus fair – so M.I.A. is the life of Twitter.


@feminista09 : Erica Kennedy

feminista09Just as people say, “electronic music is soulless” – and it’s not; many of those same people say Twitter is random banter and breakfast orders – and it’s not. Erica Kennedy’s timeline is a prime example of Twitter done right: articulate, relevant, conversational, insightful, and fresh. I always say: “If your tweet doesn’t make you say: ‘Damn, now that’s a tweet,” then it isn’t worth my timeline.” @feminista09: timeless; I’ve got all the time in the world.


@ebertchicago : Roger Ebert

ebertchicagoRoger Ebert might very well be the perfect Tweeter: he handles his business – and yours. Just look at his profile picture: he’s judging you, but he’s got his eyes on the prize – and you are merely in his periphery. His social lens is unparalleled, and his mastery of 140 characters puts novels of 140 chapters to shame. Put it this way: he had a TV show before Twitter, and CBS’ dad only wishes he said $#*! like this.


Watch this space: characters, welcome.

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