Dime Dailies: “MTV Presents: Drake’s Road to the VMAs”

MTV’s new VMA commercial featuring Aubs wheeling and dealing like he was back at community school #rollonjimmyrollon

#mytwocents: A dash of Spike Lee’s “X” + a splash of “One Night in Jay-Z videos” (#ohhai “Roc Boys” and “Death of Auto-tune,” cute baby) + an “Okay, that’s enough… *that’s* enough – too much, too much! #sigh, fine.” amount of “Follow me here – outside the box thinking about to come at you – his name is @drakkardnoir, so how about *looks off pseudo-pensively with hands creating an imaginary air banner* ‘Film Noir’ … eh? eh? Let it marinate – you’ll love it” = #iseewhatyoudidthere read: #nexttimenotsomuch

watch this space: or don’t … it’s up to you, really


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