We Are… 90210 #happyholidays

Why look anywhere else than Vanity Fair for the encapsulation of all things braggadocio-on-bazaar (yes, including you Harper’s) on the most spectacular of all days? Happy 90210: it’s a celebration. Today the world is a crystal ball of fame: past, present, and post-apocalyptic – nothing screams Hollywood Kid like Lindsay “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Lohan



in a state full of stars, a wish only is a shot away from reality

And when she first moved to L.A., Lohan says, “it was very go-go-go and I had a lot of responsibility; and I think just the second I didn’t have [structure] anymore—I was 18, 19—with a ton of money and no one really here to tell me that I couldn’t do certain things … And I see where that’s gotten me now, and I don’t like it.” She says tabloids were her main source of news, and calls that “really scary and sad… I would look up to those girls… the Britneys and whatever. And I would be like, I want to be like that.”

but be careful what you wish for…

… because you just might get it #getit?

as above, so below

Beneath the bright lights above, we mortals stand below, proudly detached from such trivialities and trifles. We are not a part of that glamorous world, nor is it a part of us. We are far too morally superior, far too focused on the more intellectual arts, and cognizant always of the days pressing issues. Yet on this of all days, as Hurricane Earl builds momentum over the Atlantic, and we lay out the red, white, and blue carpet beneath the feet of our returning soldiers – alongside a patted pillow, and tab of MDMA to assuage their PTSD – we are reminded by our own selves where our true interests lie, where our eyes veer, and to whom our broken hearts forever rest alongside broken dreams and battered careers… topics don’t trend themselves

While Steven Hawking asserted today that God didn’t create the universe, he didn’t mention anything about Lucifer’s hand in the City of Angels…

Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Steve, T.I., the country… we are

#mytwocents: 90210 is not a television show, nor is it a zip code; it is a state of mind and media… and moreover, the state of the union. So, to all the Gen-Yers, pseudo-factory superstars, and citizen celebutantes, I wish you a happy 2012: today we all live below Sunset #90210 #famekills

Watch this space: If LA is where stars go to die, and New York is where they are born – 9/02/10 9pm PST means 9/03/10 on the East… welcome to the post-apocalypse

Where even LiLo is in an empire state of mind: “I don’t care what anyone says. I know that I’m a damn good actress. … And I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible — but that’s what growing up is. You learn from your mistakes.”

Goodnight 90210: #ontwothenextone


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