Music Monday – Kanye’s “Power” on SNL: The Defenestration of West

This Music Monday finds itself steamrolling Westward to the glory and the gold

Takeaways, Runaways, and #mytwocents: Connecting the Pop Nots… one track at a time… #letsgo

As Kanye stands above it all – his head bowed beneath the crown, “Now this would be a beautiful death. I’m jumpin’ out the window…” echoing over a sea of ballerinas, the camera zooming out to snapshot the finale: West’s leap to posthumous glory, orchestrated by Prague’s  native son, Yemi; he presides over his latest masterpiece manifesto – Prague, meet “Power: The Defenestration of West.”

So: Kanye West had a beautiful video, “Diamonds from Sierra Leone,” filmed on location in Prague, Czech Republic – you may or may not have heard of said sonic aesthetic genius, and if not I lament your artistically lacking life thus far #ikid. Diamonds… one of many capitalist conundrums… how to stay clean and conflict-free? #theworldmayneverknow. Then, comes “Power” – and the responsibility, and the autonomous authority, and the rise and fall of regal reign, and the fatal attempt to fly one last time from the castle-top window… what a beautiful death. Finally, comes SNL: Post-Swiftgate Saturday Night, where he calls upon Prague once more to craft the backdrop for his portraiture of predominance, and his defenestration to dominion.


Power is a beautiful death, jumping out the window… Power is checking your fresh, staying clean, czeching your blood diamonds at the door, and reigning conflict-free… Power is Prague choreographing the catapult from 30 Rock… Power is living through that beautiful slip from the windowsill… Power is bringing Bohemia back, because #educationisthemotivation


Watch this space: #getdefenestrated #poweronprague



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