TrapperKeeper – Best of 2010: Teflon Don

Oh, hai “that time of year again,” didn’t hear you come in – well, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. I’m not spectacular at year-end reviews… I prefer life like I prefer my albums: gapless. That said, I hat-tipped six artists, songs, and albums that made me pause and take time to jot the time and place – year included – over the last 300-someodd days; and six creations that embodied and encapsulated sonic aesthetic for 2010. Why six? Why not? To the six I take, to have and to hold; forever like a TrapperKeeper, Pop safe in the fold. #enjoi

Round three: book it like a quarter key

“Maybach Music 3” ft. T.I., Jadakiss, and Erykah Badu – Teflon Don Rick Ross

#histwocents: “Seems like we gettin’ money for the wrong things; look around, Maseratis for the whole team. Look at Haiti, children dyin’ ’round the clock; I sent a hundred grand, but that’s a decent watch.”

#mytwocents: Rick Ross came into his own this year, and brought more heat than Riley. In a year where Miami became the pop cultural capital, in more ways than one, Ross gave the city a sonic aesthetic, and the scene a soundtrack: hustle harmonized, faded neon strobes from the rear-view of a pitch black Lamborghini on South Beach, the heavy swelter, and the spectacular struggle – Teflon Don is bawse beats.

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