BlinkkPiece: Aaliyah – “I Can Be”

Aaliyah would have been 32 today; so, in light of the modern-iconic urban songstress’ birthday let’s snap back to a classic track from her unforgettable 2001 release, Aaliyah. Press play, and rewind to a finer time… relax, and think back to all the things Babygirl could have grown up to be – but more importantly, the lasting impression of her current legacy: happy birthday Aaliyah.

The subterranean silk sleeper swag comes through best in the bombastic “I Can Be.” Beautiful, minimalistic piano plays off of Aaliyah’s lyrical sighs and echos before the raw industrial beat drops. Synths and guitars conversing like a 21st century futuristic dialogue between Charlie Brown’s wahh-wahh teacher’s bipolar selves, heavy deliberate bass beneath the precisely calculated snare and rasp of the delayed hi-hat, all building around the airy one minute/definitive the next vocals; all building to a subtly superlative peak before the track cuts.

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