BlinkkPiece: “Chitty Chitty,” Wonder Broz.

Nick “Still Not a Don” Cannon’s new group, Wonder Broz, premiered their debut single “Chitty Chitty,” and it is sure to slay more sandboxes than the Cabbage Patch Kids, with all of the soft street appeal of a clean-shaven Mon-Chi-Chi – or a PG version of Snoop, Pre-Wire

The track is par for the tween urban contemporary course: fun in a isn’t-it-past-your-curfew kind of way, romantic in a you-know-more-about-the-birds-and-bees-than-Sesame-Street-and-Burt’s-knees part of the park, and uncomfortably Don-Magic-Juan-for-the-Dora-demographic in a whatever-happened-to-holding-hands state of mind. Chairman Teen Nick penned the right ones for this one: two baby-faced LA charmers with formidable flow and the Degrassi pack in their back pocket… it’s like crib-friendly Cali Clipse!


Looks like: Young Berg joining The Pack to Chiddy Bang Bang Bang down The Simmons Kids’ block… over an ice cream Sunday at the Billionaire Boys Club

Sounds Like: The last song you heard her sing before she ended up on the Teen Mom 3 casting couch

Yeah I’m cool, yeah I am nice; you better grab your girl, hand cuff her right. She sending me tweets, I said can we go steady; she’s saying anything I wanna do – she’ll let me

#youretwelve – and the first song you heard her sing when she showed you how to motorbike

Watch This Space: Someone had to teach Degrassi how to Dougie… and you better belieb Justin would never say ever to encroaching on Drake’s space #totesbffls

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