BlinkkPiece: Grammy Week 2011 – Best Pop Vocal Album

Grammy Noms: the sweetest thing this side of Nana’s cookie jar #popnom. A nibble is all you need, so let’s blinkk the besties #getitgramms

Best Pop Vocal Album

My World. 2.0  Justin Bieber

I Dreamed A Dream Susan Boyle

The Fame Monster Lady Gaga

Battle Studies John Mayer

Teenage Dream Katy Perry


This year’s nominees for Best Pop Vocal Album are a nice cross-section of the general populous… we’ve got androgynous sixteen-year-old Canadians, Middle-Aged British women, guitar-plucking playboys, fruity pin-up California gurls, and a monster whose own greatest demon is disinterest.

Best Pop Vocal Album 2011: because welcome to the Bad Girls Club Season 7 #spoiler #dontyouwishyoucouldrollwithus


If nothing else, Pop is the tale of the dreamers… the eternal experiment testing if lies can be made truths, if the masses can be made to believe so much in the mirage that they manifest it into being… the collective mind striving towards a Utopian world, because even in the midst of cynicism miracles are clear and present, and the intangible aspiration does matter. This year’s nominees weave a story of Post-Apocalyptic Battle Studies… past music left in ruins – but paramount nonetheless in their foundation for the future. Universes unite from across the Pop scape… Justin Bieber dreaming a next-level teen scheme on one end, and Lady GaGa battling  her own infernal demons on the other… the rampage and the subsequent reign… the Pop conquest in all of its modern fantastical marvel…


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