BlinkkPiece: Grammy Week 2011 – Best New Artist

Grammy Noms: the sweetest thing this side of Nana’s cookie jar #popnom. A nibble is all you need, so let’s blinkk the besties #getitgramms

Best New Artist

“Who are the five best new artists of All-Time 2011? Think about it:” Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron #becauseIMnewhere #becauseispithotfire

Grammys 2011 Best New Artist: because Gil Scott could use a sixth man #iguess


What are the odds?

Justin Bieber: He has a hit song called “Baby“… he’s the official spokeschild for Similac… he is the Colonel Sanders of junior drumsticks… he’s the only person to proactively fight zits years before sixth grade science class explains what puberty is… The only thing he has a better chance of winning is Best Newborn

Drake: Neck and neck with Biebs #totesbffls … good chances, after all: it is the Grammys and hype counts for a lot – odds aren’t terrible for Mister “Far from Over… rated

Mumford & Sons: (see below)

Florence & The Machine: Odds are not great, considering they’re actually qualified – this is America: qualifications = disqualification

Esperanza Spalding: Very fresh soulful sound, fun, Brazilian, jazzy – double bass #win. That said… odds are decent, considering her name means “hope” … and that’s change you can belieb in #ohwait; well, there’s always Spalding… and when it comes to holding court, they’re ace #notverypunny #igotnothingonthisone… She went to Berklee School of Music: inevitably – (see above)

It’s Best New Artist… read: the Grammy you’d just rather not #curseyoumillivanili

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