BlinkkPiece: Grammy 2011 Performances

Said it before, I’ll say it again #whawhawhawhatdidyousay #yourebreakinuponme in case you’re worried about Pop in 2011: #dontbe

The Grammys, if nothing else, were a top notch Pop production – a beautiful stage show presenting what will be the subsequent year in industry music #whatelseisthere This year was a collaboration of the most notable in recent years – good or bad #thegrammysarenotacheesesandwich – the event brought together a realm of musicians from heavyweights to new bloods and Country crooners to West Coast crypt-walkers… all for the love of Pop #orsomethingtothateffect The performances gave a splendid snapshot of the industry’s landscape, and reflected perfectly the identity of the respective artist on stage – Justin Bieber included… so without further ado, let’s delve into GrammyView

GaGa… oh GaGa #andAGAIN A performance stripped down, stark, and raw as a newborn; explosive, soulful, and synthesized like the new human condition; and with a pure concerted energy to fuel the next era in Pop. #bornthisway: Smoke-and-mirrors stripped – abs ripped #luccarlsdrunkdietworksforshe GaGa: because Pop just got an organ donor… because the misconception is that it was an egg, because the assumption is that – like Post-Reagan urban culture, like premature emergence – crack kills… but this isn’t an egg – it’s an incubator… and in this space the artist and era remain unbreakable.

Bruno Mars, B.o.B., Janelle Monaemiseducated miscreants of the most masterful and musically marvelous kind… #followyourblisstothisfunk

Biebsy, Biebsy, Biebsy
oh… I thought you’d look older than five, five #ikid #ohhaikid Justin Bieber brought the kitchen sink – some Far East samurai, the soulful sounds of Usher from down South, the West Coast cruise of Jaden Smith – and if you wondered where all the props GaGa’s Grammy set was missing went: wonder no more… they’re in here too. Justin put on a massively over-the-top production in true Napoleonic fashion. This magnanimous medley had everything but the essence – all the smoke-and-mirrors with no substance, and strained soul; where GaGa was born this way – Bieber was branded this way.

Yolanda Adams, Martina McBride, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, and Florence Welch
… for when “one of these things is not like the other” isn’t random enough #noneofthesethingsisevenfacebookfriendswiththeother That said: nice medley; these sisters are doin’ it for themselves – unless “it” is singing… in which case, well, two of these sisters can do it enough for all of us #allbothofthem #itspronouncedSANGIN

Cee-Lo Green, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Wonderful World of Henson
: because three-the-Liberace-way are funky fresh feathered and dressed ready to party #yes

and Drake
: because Drake looks lazy #inlife

… that was about it… not about to spend more time on this than Drake spent figuring out the square root of 69 #eightsuhm #kanyeshrug

, Adam Levine, Rihanna, Skyler Grey, Dr. Dre
: because Marshall loves the way Rihanna lies about having Drake say her name #neighborstothenorthwithbenefits

: in case you were wondering what the inside of an incubator looks like #greatmindsincubatealike – muse-ic makes the people come together #unionjackedandrisenup

Watch This Space
: like a Poppy field of dreams…

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