Play of the Day: Esperanza Spalding

Good Post-Grammy Music Monday Morning… something fresh, best, and new for the breakfast beats today; Esperanza Spalding: because now that you’ve heard of her – take a first listen to her

Centuries ago, long before the advent of radio or recording technology, chamber music was the music for the masses — the music in which people from nearly every segment of society could find meaning and relevance. A decade into the 21st century, Esperanza Spalding — the bassist, vocalist and composer who first appeared on the jazz scene in 2008 — takes a contemporary approach to this once universal form of entertainment with Chamber Music Society, her August 17, 2010 release on Heads Up International.

Esperanza creates a modern chamber music group that combines the spontaneity and intrigue of improvisation with sweet and angular string trio arrangements. The result is a sound that weaves the innovative elements of jazz, folk and world music into the enduring foundations of classical music. Chamber Music Society is a place where connoisseurs of classical music and jazz devotees — and fans of other musics as well — can find common ground. The recording offers a chamber music for modern times — one that brings together people of different perspectives and broadens their cultural experience, just as it did in an earlier age.

I like it… something old, something new, something baroque, something true… vibrant… vintage… rich… brazilian… eclectic… it’s like a classical romp through carnival – a soundtrack from Schubert’s stint in Sao Paolo… #nice #obrigado

Watch This Space: Portlandia because we stay elevated… keeping the beat like a Pacific Northwest metronome

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