Prose & Pastiche: “Run The World (Girls)” Video – Beyonce

The modern music industry’s Mitochondrial Eve returns with a fervor to prove – once again – that despite all patriarchal restrictions and destruction: she who bears the womb… the forever battlefield, and said burden… is she who is best equipped to commandeer the cultural revolution. Who rev the world? Girls.

The revolution will be feminized. She who betrayed Jesus, she who betrayed Adam, she who bears the weight of said world on her naturally sinful shoulders, in her superseding of submission, will ascend to prominence; born to blossom, bloom to perish, just as man destroyed that which he cannot create, so in the wake of destruction and suspension in social smolder, here woman returns to bear life again… Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business

Who run the world? Girls. Girls, women, females have the unparalleled capacity to create life. Despite all social constructs, religious constraints, and artificial inferiorities women are able to create something lasting, something outside of themselves, and from their sin comes the succession – well, that, or a dance nation… my persuasion can build a nation #literally

#inanutshell Self-reference and atmospheric concept #letsbeyhonest #independentringonit

Flash, Tally, and Snapp: Who run the world?

M.I.A.: Born Free over a Diplo beat


Beyonce: The female version of a hustler… the lights that keep the streets on – are the very same lights that break dawn

Hope you still like me, If you hate me
My persuasion can build a nation
In this our, our love we can devour
You’ll do anything for me

… because while from the female womb a world can be reborn, a man’s mind can melt in her very palm… he’ll do anything for she – like a sir hooker to the government of female supremacy

… and crazy in love with the self-referential style and choreo


Willow Smith: 21st Century Girl… a dime-sized diva spawned from deserted desolation


Rihanna: Run this mother, hard as a mother

… and this town #watchthethrone #hovishome #andohyeahyeezy


Nicki Minaj: Massive Attack of the Militaristic Mistress


Splash of Britney choreography… from head-to-heel-toe #literally #goodface

Girls on Fire… Bey and a battalion of Edies


Cleopatra Jones: Pre-Foxxy Lot of Woman


#andAGAIN #asalways Angela Bassett #woosah #breathe

Watch This Space: On the brink of Black Stallions and Highway Unicorns… #spearheadedstallionistas #headsup #crowndown


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