CinéMusique: “Bad Girls” – M.I.A.

Live fast, die young… #badgirlsdoitwell… Maya Arulpragasm like the Mayans – had it right… even when wrong:

It turns out that the Mayans had it right. History is a giant alarm clock. As the bell starts to ring, we awaken from the dream, and remember who we are.

Bad Girls… from Eve and Mary (and Magdalene), to Cleopatra and Nefertiti, from Frida and Josephine, to Eleanor and Marilyn – are the backbone of wake-up calls and real talk, courtesy of rogue revelry. #doitwell

Top-to-Bottom two cents #topback: History is a giant alarm clock, and discographies are giant phonographs… as the bell starts to ring, and the needle hits the groove, we awaken from the scene, and remember who we are… This year, Maya got back into the groove: Kala style.

Simple, catchy, Child-Rebel-meetsSri-Lankan sonic soldier lyrics; heavy, heavy, subtly overt socio-political juxtapositions layered beneath sandy cinematography, all colliding over a Bamboo bangin’ beat: guess who’s back?

“Bad Girls”… from M.I.A., is simple and straight low-fi swagger #bringitback

The run-down, on the second come-up: signature sands of the Arabian desert, ghost-ridden whips, the Bollywood choreo on a Nollywood budget with Hollywood tatted on the middle finger, wide angles, stunting horsepower #allfour from behind the steering wheel and atop a stallion, lots of smoke, fears, and fire, and the girls girls girls… set a stage reminiscent of “Haven’t I seen – nah… have I?”

Bad Girls: make Minaj’s Massive Attack seem miniscule, run the world, do it well and break rules, stay photoshoot fresh, lookin’ like wealth, get their roll on and stride in stealth, and if the ride gets too rough, they stop, drop, open up shop #andthisistheanthem

Watch This Space: Bad Girls are born free, this way, around digital bonfires.


Watch That Space: America – because we told you it would trickle down, mananah … #effectualeventualities


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