TrapperKeeper: Danger produces dark ages; Danja produces requiems and renaissances


Danger produces dark ages; Danja produces requiems and renaissances. #blackoutsandbadgirls

Danja’s tracks open from a place of uncertainty, but an acceptance at whatever is to come. Everything builds: the bass drop’s density, the synth pitches, the hi-hat tisk, the snare pops, but more importantly: Danja’s slurred, suggestive coercions.

From 2007-2012 here are seven of Art Nouveau‘s favorite Danja tracks.

7. DJ Khaled : “We Takin’ Over” ft. Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, T.I., Birdman, Akon

6. Trey Songz : “Wonder Woman”

5. Britney Spears : “Get Naked (I Got A Plan)”

4. M.I.A. : “Bad Girls

3. Diddy – Dirty Money ft. Grace Jones : “Yeah, Yeah, You Would”

2. Duran Duran : “The Valley”

1. Britney Spears : “Gimme More”

Danja, as the lead copilot on the Amerikanakaze musical mission, set the stage for an ominously Pop battle cry for Spears’ own Californian rolling Blackout. His plan? Get naked – strip down to the most innate sounds and vibes to create a mental atmosphere reflective of Britney’s own psychotic psyche. The complexity of the beats is hidden in the crafting, Danja is Britney’s McQueen – he was able to tap into her creative core and expound on the layers beneath her shallow facade.

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