Quick and Dirty: Pre-VMA 2012 #andanotherthing

This year has been quite a year… Diesel like 90s WWF Denim – needless to say the VMA have been millions of miles away from my spectral proximity: that said, it’s in my blood… no matter how few nominees I know, no matter how irrelevant the proceedings, no matter how cruxed upon pop cultural cannibalism – a festival of juggernauted feasting upon the legends and legacy of old – I will always have an opinion, and the VMA will always have a story and a place in contemporary culture. Though I know a record low number of nominees this year – and hold an even more subterranean affinity, or regard at all, for the nominees of which I do have some cognizance – this year is epic and masterful for so many subtle reasons: the first and last, the alpha and omega of which revolve around this year’s pulse player – The Bajan Queen of Body Parts: Rihanna.

VMA are obviously critical this year though… I’d wager to guess the biggest point is the revisitation of 2007. #neverforget




… and yes, “We Found Love” is 2012’s “Umbrella” #period

And yes: it brings the apocalypse full circle…

And yes, it is the Mayan manifesto: the light at the end of that tumultuous tunnel… love and despair but the bacchanalia and the spectacular carnage, and the visceral kaleidoscope of that pursuit for primal pre-eminence … So young the guise… So dazed, so confused… Too lost to lose.

#andanotherthing There are a million different ways to take the VMA… and I’m in no immediate position to even attempt to take on that Goliath. That said, let’s not forget the is the equally critical point at the other end of that metapresence – the consideration of those metafigures missing – namely those at the crux of 2011’s Balk #stalk of Fame trifectious tribute – namely, Britney and Gaga… and Beyonce #kindof

VMA 2011 LG VV

Not that Gaga wasn’t eligible, willing, or able…

Maybe it was karmic shutdown, following the 2011 duplicitous Britney honorific/upstage – but, more importantly it would seem as if Gaga fell into a cultural niche… She appeared at a time very “in the midst,” betwixt and between concerted culture. MTV is leaning towards the binary, and Gaga hearkens to a collective – not that a unified presence isn’t necessary within the ideal monoculture – but the ideal unified presence would likely have emerged in, and as a direct product of, the previous monoculture … in that regard, Monsters might wanna get mad at that Rihanna game #imperialtakeover Again, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” literally came from the symbolic womb of peak Trap Britney – and in that, modern Rihanna emerged triumphant … So, regardless of 2009’s masterful magnum, 2010’s systemic shutdown, and 2011’s drag race – RiRi is all but guaranteed the top-spot of the present renaissance’s Pop pantheon (also doesn’t hurt to have the blessing of – or at least cordial business relationship with – an existing Queen Bey … #andB).

#butbacktotheotherthing Those power players highly credited with the spectacular institution’s construction and maintenance – popically speaking – over the past decade are absent from the present… again, we are looking at the dawn of a new era – but … who knows? Maybe there’s a surprise in store – even if not… #kanyeshrug

#lestweforgetbasicthings Ye and Hov are back, RiRi is up for Video of the Year for the first time since 2007’s “Umbrella” #seewhatimdoinghere #watchthisspace M.I.A. is an interesting wildcard. Justin (not Timberlake) is still around – still beating the system by breaking curfew. Frank Ocean is right where he belongs – beside the prepackaged market darlings (This is me being astonished that another Odd Future member is in the running for Best New Artist – second year in a row) Carly Rae Jepsen, I dig that song like a graveyard spade. // While you’re gandering at the BNA nominees, just ponder the possibility of industry cloning and triplets (fun., 1D, The Wanted #stills) What else…

#thehostwiththemostthing Oh right, Kevin Hart #again – is not Chris Rock, but MTV has a potential gem on their hands here… judging by the host, this contained spectacle could be this generation’s ’99 VMA: which is pivotal.

This is the kind of year that could bring back TRL #kindofbutnotreally … it could also just be another 2000, which was a personal favorite – Hart does has a Wayans flavor to him #forbetterandorworse

#thecriticalthing And not even to start on the DNC …

but to acknowledge the presence of Nicki Palin and the rest of the spectacular Rapublican Party.

NM RNC 2012

LW NM VMA 2012


#andthentheresonedirection If ever DNC Bubblegum Clinton-Era crew existed within this sphere: 1D – and I appreciate them for that. That’s what makes you beautiful? That you don’t know? Could a heart bleed more liberally? *And* they’re a boy band, *and* they were all non-winners of X-Factor brought together, *and* they’re attaining success #DEMOCRATICALLY as the underdogs from the UK (The United Democracy of Directioners) – that’s community, that’s communal, that’s sufficiently something… where’s the point? #thespiceisrightontheleft #justsaying

But yeah… that’s pretty much how I feel about L.A. Thursdays… #wifeoftheparty #weeknd

and there’s the mic. #dropit

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