CinéMusique: Lady Gaga, “Applause”

I live for the applause, applause, applause – I live for the applause-plause, live for the applause #paws



What I loved about Alejandro

This is the drop after the first waves and floods: I’m not here to talk about her facial features, or how to convert atheists into believers; I’m just saying that somewhere in the midst of a[n] indie short film, and a scene-by-scene homage to immaculate conceptions – and collections – lies a near perfect Pop music video period. Is pastiche supposed to be coherent? It is now – let’s delve.

What was lambasted in Born This Way

I don’t know where to begin or end with this one… and I suppose that’s the best way to be – as there is no beginning or end to the perpetual renaissance … What artists do wrong is they lie, what critics do wrong is they try; I’m not going to try and pretend I know every conceptual reference here, nor analyze from a detached place of fault-and-fact finding – this isn’t about Pop cheat sheets and checklists… I’m just going to riff on what I know for me, and what I see

What lingered along the fringes of Scheiße

Lady Gaga broke her notoriously extended hiatus, premiering her first mastered piece of “new music” … Those two years of antagonizing anticipation culminated into the club-pulsing climax … Forget the fact that this may or may not be what you wanted to hear from someone about whom you may or may not give a scheiße – ether that; from start to finish, career and current track, no one – no one female Pop body – can produce: produce, what Gaga can. Line after line, time after time: perfection – the wait is always worth it.

There’s the flawlessly deft production we’ve come to expect from the Haus mother … stratospheric synth, deep bass, smooth distortion, uncannily human reverb pulsing the cacophony. Gaga lends her voice as an added layer, as much a part of the score as the bevy of inanimate instruments behind her




Lady Gaga has solidified her sonic aesthetic and social impact – and they are one in the same. If the backbeat pulses harder than my own heartbeat, why not dance together? This is cold technology and hot harmonies, sheer energy, factory fashion, raw humanity, grime, graffiti, and glitterbombs; this is stream-of-consciousness that doesn’t make sense now, but will before the rest of the globe makes sense of itself: this is 31st Century schizo world – welcome Haume.




Is what lays the foundation for Applause:” The pulse as nothing more, and never anything less, than the traverse between polarity

– once you know the system’s rhythm, all that’s left to do is choreograph the rendevous #multiversallyspeaking


The pulse, DJ White Shadow delivers Detroit – and so goes the nation. As far as I’m concerned, they laced the instrumentation with something not-entirely-approved by the FDA. Whether it’s the sonic robot-slap-to-the-face first spin, the morning-after pulled muscles result of a dolo dance party, or the realization that the method is in the systematic mania of said robot slap track – there is something unnatural about this rhythm: unnaturally human. It hollows and speaks at you in sophomoric platitudes, then it eases off while your guard remains staid, eventually you feel the tone thaw as the beat rises… it’s like Motown overtaking the machine, SoundScan beneath the Supremes… when you sing along, you’re fed the applause (whether or not you clap – the roar is the backing track): live to create, die to protect.


Put your hands up, make them touch – make it real loud

It’s been awhile… but I’m glad she came. Regardless of any and everything else, the applause is the anthem #butyouvesaidthatabouteverysongbeforeapplause #iknow

Dental Record, Akashic Record; Tomato, To-muh-muh-muh-mahto

The way that you cheer and scream for me… the applause, applause, applause

After two years, a few hundred days, of introspection, isolation, elevation, and sensory deprivation … it’s safe to say that whatever ARTPOP is as an album, is exactly what she wants it to be – and that’s the threat, both to her and the everyone else. There was, and is, so much riding on Applause… applause can, will, and does make and break those who were once recognized as unbreakable – if not, unfathomable… untouchable. And it is that detachment that moreover defines the idols… you can’t touch them, and that’s why they are revered…

And so they sit in the green room, praying they don’t mold, poking to stay young, fresh, and new… if only because that’s what we need them to do, and that desire to be desired is their life fuel. America runs on Tinkerbells. Your heroes don’t exist unless you clap for them – but then we got postmodernism, where nothing was worth the effort of ovation, and slowly but surely the schadenfreude set in: our delight was iconic misery.

And it is that detachment that continues to define the idols… because you can’t touch them, and that’s why they are repulsive – they’re not human, they’re pop stars. They bleed glitter, and cry gold… they don’t know me, so I don’t care. They’re not real, they’re theatre. They’re not children of men, they’re products of manufacturers, brand ambassadors, puppets to the marketplace – they’re lost profits, not perils. They’re rich – don’t feel sorry for them #makethemtouchiconic

Is it the way that we cheer and scream for she, living for the applause… or the way that the children scream for G, allegiant to the paws? #fountainyouth Is it that they make it real loud… or that they make her real now? #pause

Until you know what it’s like to die from the scream, you cannot imagine what it’s like to live for the applause. #everyicon


What matters to me here, and why my Cheshire-grin turned into a thousand-watt-smile is because it tastes like Born This Way.0 on the front of the palette – she found her flavor, and in that welcomes the opposition – and that is the way in which we cheer for she: by reacting, by moving, faster and harder until we crash #hands Fists can pump air, or punch faces #youdecide The point is to record. She took the polarizing elements – regardless of how assumed derivative, trite, redundant, pseudo-avant-garde – and reclaimed them at this crucial point — because it is that third album which defines how you will set forth on the rest of your pop life, define that past life in present death: marry the night #reference #mattressqueen … so don’t buy the Lady Gaga album,  she fell off after Born This Way, don’t listen to the single, don’t watch the VMA – let her die already so she can transcend, again #everyicon


Gaga said what every icon prior was too busy living to relay to mere mortals (because the icons lived it before her, and left it for her – she is their Valkyrie) – again, Gaga busted open the flood gates and sparked the firestorm #prometheanpaws by sharing that most basic principle of universal dynamics: law of attraction; will and desire:  it doesn’t matter how, what, or for whom you applaud – that you exert energy at all toward an entity maintains its existence… for that, Gaga thanks you:

Being away from you, I found the liquid in adhere … Give me that thing that I love

 #caremore #fromthewhiskeymouthsofbadbabes


  • 1. Applause is applause – right or wrong … salvation in schadenfreude
  • 2. Pop is meant to do nothing more, nor less, than to make you touch

  • 3. The Black Swan in the Age of Digital Reproduction

“If all I cared about was me, I could make a million. And that’s what they will never understand.



  • What can I say? I got nostalgic for my Manhattan muse – some of us just like to read #nwpl




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