VMA Day 2013 – Four Butterflies to Watch #heylookamonarch

Honeymoon isn’t even the furthest stretch of one’s falsified imagination when it comes to the Video Music Awards since 2010 #generous This year, I …. okay, I don’t actually know half of the nominees, and I might not have heard of 75% of the songs, but I can pick up a pattern from a mile away #universallaw #fortherecord

No one can predict the future, but we can recognize the present – and that’s good enough for me. Four butterflies to keep an eye on when watching the monarchy tonight… #theeverythingelse

1.) [T]he renaissance of Pop Art and a Warholian world of blurred lines between reality and fantasy”

Sedgwick Germanotta

[T]angent. Point is: Edie said of herself something that resonates so deeply with GaGa tonight, “if you just listened to what I had to say it was sane, but if you just looked at me you wouldn’t bother to listen. And none of them did. God it was a nightmare.” There isn’t that futility with GaGa, but the nightmare is quite apparent. Performance artists live their art — completely. The world is their canvas — truly. Where the art succeeds, the artist suffers, but it is for the sake of art — even if only for art’s sake.


2.) Jimmy Timberlake 

The last time Jimmy Fallon graced the MTV stage with reference to Michael Jackson was in 2002, following MJ’s Birthday of the Millennium presentation from #theoneandonly

This time, the two lads have laughed their merry way across an entire history of rap, only to land back at the roots of where it all started. What better way to signal long-awaited sleep than with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake tucking the 21st Century kids of America into their Brooklyn boudoirs with the sounds of AyoTechnological waves coasting along rhythmically cried Rivers #hesbringingStyxyback

On the shoulders of giants, a pedestal granted on the progress of predecessors… where would we be without J. Timbs’ lost sun and Earth?


3.) 2007 #oh7 / 2013 #oh13

  • Justin Timberlake
  • Structure shift: Magna Carta #newrules
  • New City, Same Song #bleedingedge
    • 07: Vegas Palms Hotel and Casino – debuting the Pearl Theatre // 13: Brooklyn – debuting the Barclays Center
    • #weregoingtobesocoolatlunchtomorrow
    • #thisonetimeatbrandcamp
  • Ladies First
    • 07: Britney Spears opens the show, off the heels of the most labor intensive mediated hiatus this side of the Mississippi Delta, with the song “Gimme More,” highlighting – among other things – ownership of the zeitgeist in the midst and maintenance of fame-fiending fan, frenemy, and free market media network dialectics … every time they turn the lights down, just want to go that extra mile for you… center of attention even when we’re up against the wall: if they want more – I’ll give them more // a.k.a. Trouble is my business – we’re hiring.
    • 13: Lady GaGa slated to open the show, off the heels of the most lung intensive mediated hiatus this side of Manhattan, with the song “Applause,” highlighting – among other things – ownership of the zeitgeist in the midst and maintenance of fame-fueling fan, false critic, and fanatic journo dialectics … i’ve overheard your theory, nostalgia’s for geeks, okay sir if you say so some of us just like to read… one second i’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me – pop culture was an art, now art and pop culture in me… I live for the applause… give me the thing that I love – I’ll turn the lights out // a.k.a. Reinvented the reference. #getattributed
  • Kanye The Graduate
    • 07: Kanye hosts “The Good Life” Suite, performing with Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, Common, and T-Pain presents Beyonce with the “Most Earthshattering Collaboration” award for her duet with Shakira, after going toe-to-toe with 50 “But you can call me Fiddy” Cent at the podium, finally vowing never to return to the VMA stage again because of MTV’s disregard for due diligence and credit to the artist
    • 13: Kanye slated to perform at the Barclays center for a record-tying seventh time on the VMA stage – matched only by Madonna – the song “Black Skinhead” from his 2013 opus Yeezus… and album noted for its defiance of contemporary conventional standards of commercially released music – namely because it was a commercially released piece of music, without a clear secondary monetizable marketing campaign #theaudacity

4.) Four More Years (2009) // Power Play(er)s

  • New York: MTV returns to New York (Radio City Music Hall) after a four-year tenure away from their homebase (Miami, Miami, Vegas, Los Angeles) // 13: MTV returns to New York (Brooklyn’s Barclays Center) after a three-year tenure away from their homebase (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Los Angeles)
  • Reality Theatrics:



  • SwiftWest: returns to New York for the first time since their origin story
  • Michael Jackson: 09 – The show opens with a Michael Jackson tribute / / 13 – The show centers on a Justin Timberlake video tribute for the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award
  • GaGa: … just. GaGa. #shebledfromtherafters #kermitxandermcqueen // Dust yourselves off Poor Little Rich Girls on Fire #edienation


… what else is on tonight? #offtwo

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