On Coup d’eGas and the Ides of March #roselandfuneral

In the wake of G.U.Y.’s media blitz d’etat let’s look at what might be lingering behind the if 27 is the new black, 28 stays golden: now look who’s back collective funeral of roses #roselandfuneral


I don’t know what ARTPOP means for anything but I can’t shake the feeling that whatever it will inevitably become started long ago, is in continuous present perpetuation, and will be simultaneously happening in increasing measure well into the future… that being said: it could be an ongoing Shakespearean three act play #byanyotherfame

Act First: #entitledanothertimeiwasangry that time when Gaga kicked off a seven-show residency to close out Manhattan’s legendary Roseland Ballroom. Basically, she memorialized her golden birthday with a 10-day funeral … at practically the one place where you couldn’t land a gig on the come-up: the famed Manhattan concert venue… #andthisisthefamed

LG-RBRI’m not sure what ARTPOP means for incumbent entertainment venue institutions but – whatever.




#byanyotherfame #literacyisdangerouslikethat #someofusjustliketoread

The rose is the flower of the goddess Venus but also the blood of Adonis and of Christ. It is a symbol of transmutation – that of taking food from the earth and transmuting it into the beautiful fragrant rose. The rose garden is a symbol of Paradise. It is the place of the mystic marriage. In ancient Rome, roses were grown in the funerary gardens to symbolize resurrection. The thorns have represented suffering and sacrifice as well as the sins of the Fall from Paradise.

When the trigger is the pre-fame scoff… how quickly the isle of roses turns to paradise lost… #kanyeshrug #justdance


Act Next: Letterman. Fundamentally, what happened was #whathadhappenedwas – we walked into The Late Show like any other night, some chatter was had, some songs were sung, a G.U.Y popped out the ground like Roseland daisies to close the show, everything was cool – and then this happened:


So… I’m not sure what ARTPOP means for incumbent entertainment media institutions but – whatever.

Act Then: Seacrest central: American Top 40 radio. Thrice round: in a nutshell, she took a slice of time to perform an overt satire of commercial mass media via Clear Channel programming eclipse the remaining thirty-nine artists on the countdown establish a two-hour de facto dictatorship over American pop music by holding sole vocal proprietorship of the industry’s pre-eminent terrestrial radio program connect directly with the fans, sans corporate media representative direction the middle-men. So, while Ryan #blondofallmedia Seacrest took five to keep up with the Kardashians count racks lay back, Lady #goddessoflove Gaga let happiness usurp the dark horse #eternalskateboardp


So… I’m not sure what ARTPOP means for incumbent entertainment conglomerate institutions but – whatever.

I guess a golden birthday party to-do list boils down to something like this…

1.) Retire practically the one place where you couldn’t land a gig on the come-up Roseland Ballroom

2.) Be the last Late Show performance before Letterman announces retirement

3.) Replace Seacrest as Top 40 America host #dontrubitsonlytemporary

… one, two, three – slowly but surely, established entertainment media architecture of old crumbles beneath whatever ARTPOP means – but then again, I never know what any of this means #medianmode

Coup d’Ga #questionmark

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