Vinyl Cut Prose: “Free Falling,” Florrie

Sirens Round Two: “Free Falling” … English Channel tunage courtesy of Florrie #getgravitational


First seven seconds hit:

and it feels like taking a little something to channel loose wires…


Free falling… it’s like I’m free… falling… it’s a change of course

Here I am, I sing the verse, sing the verse, sing the verse…

Upside down, and in reverse… in reverse… in reverse


“If a living entity says that he is not controlled but that he is free, then he is insane.”

F - FF HU1

I feel the pressure in my head…

I feel it happening again…

Feels like the verge of something… big, bigger than before… all the other befores… so you take five, and indigo shade the blinds


It’s classic Florrie, subtle builds, elemental convergence, steady evolution, uprising and unfolding, harmonies imagining a pastiched form of sonic nostalgia… it works, as it has since the Introduction. The thing about Florrie’s music though, is the constant centralizing theme of “the unsigned pop musician.” Admittedly, that theme is my reflexive context for each spin; here, it grounds a scenic narrative of a siren’s foreshadowing… the preemptive retrospective marking “where-was-I-when…”

F - FF - BF

Sirens live to sing the verse, sing the verse, sing the verse… just as sure as Odysseyan listeners will ride that rhythm into the hearse… bit of a backwards industry model, but the point is to record – Pop music above all #auralzeitgeist – it’s a change of course, you could imagine, to enter the land of labels from the open roads of creative independence… focus group research frames your work, songwriting process flipped in reverse, while marketplace chambers write the verse – but that’s the core tension for a contemporary artist, and it comes in waves, and it echoes from within and without, and with the tension between commerce and creativity, music or the marketplace, the pressure builds, the proximity draws closer and suddenly they’re in your head, your only house unless it rains… the sounds and strangers coalesce and careen around mental passages… you feel it happening again, but channel the flow and it becomes your friend… the point is to record… the elemental growth of an artist, the extended sonic signature.

Watch This Space

Free falling into your scene, active suspense caught in an ephemera… rhythmic realities of the dream within a dream…

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.18.13 AM

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