Lyrically Speaking: “PARTYNAUSEOUS,” Lady Gaga

Good music speaks volumes… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking


Hi, I want to come and make peace with you
but they won’t let me, no, they won’t let me through
I don’t mind if they a-arrest me
’cause I’m wearing my Versace

Why can’t we just put on a smile
and a buzz buzz buzz buzz? We all might be sick
Whether it’s at first or after a few
drinks; we’re gonna unite, don’t they?


We’re currently set from the East
I’m from Jakarta-a-a
seem to ‘ve some problem with ya
We’re currently set from the West
My name is Lady Gaga
seem to ‘ve some problem with ya

one off

Fly, if you wanna be high with the enemy
It’s a test, are you [proud] enough, do your best
Nod, if you wanna make love with the enemy
On and off, fingers [on the wrong town] tonight
Now Jump!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.49.18 PM

In a way exhausting
we’re problem solving
Drink ’til she’s attractive
Talking ’bout diplomatic [a-a-alastic]


Making that peace attractive

watch this space

… they really shouldn’t have let her make ARTPOP… #buttheydid #andshewillcontinue



If I were to blinkk this #IF … I would mind vomit, wax and wane mental poetics about how this is the manifesto… about how this is the anthem of the new age… post-kali, post-pop… how this is the daun of true ARTPOP, as the masses assumed it to have been on eleven eleven… this is removing the incumbent industry model from the creative connection between high art and pop culture… this is Blackout 2.0 – mistress muses and the new media… launching a highly anticipated, (intended collaborative project in conjunction with the other modern K-Slay #kendrickvisaviskanye ) not through the label, not within the confines of mishandling management, rather directly to the masses, the monsters, the projected 42.3 million prophet-non-profits… the engaged audience… mother’s wifeys and sires… and beyond that, to know that these devoted kings and queens of the kingdom would proudly record the record of their own eternal jester… waiting patiently for the low-fidelity rave reels to make their way to the digital channels… and like clockwork, the Lady rips audio back from the pitted video star, uploads pirated fan footage to her very own VEVO channel for the world to hear – not to radio, not to the studio, not to MTV or Dateline NBC #NOTTHATTHERESANYTHINGINHERENTLYWRONGWITHTHESEMODESOFDISTRIBUTION that said – they have no place in this living moment, this shared experience manifest indivisible – this is PARTYNAUSEOUS… this is removing the industry from the model, trouble is her business: take it or leave it, TMZ is hiring. ARTPOP



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