… and the curtain called artRAVE

Fare thee well, fair behemoth bacchanalia


It’s always Paris with Pop stars always, Paris.


sometimes words in the extended form simply don’t; this is some of those times. so, i dug a bit through the crates, and dusted off an HD deep-tech-haus disco diamond in the cuff to fill said otherwise silent void… love art dance fashion cosmic sublime suspended in time… still travelin’ just dancin’ round the world… suit up, get down, paws pilot – enjoi.

that, beat, though. #morethanthemusic

It took ARTPOP beacause: what is an artRAVE, right? What is an artRAVE, outside of a neon-blitzed speakeasy?


rocket number nine, blast off kids. #apod

#kanyeshrug #welcometoletraphaus



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