Britney Tweets 2007: Ep. 2

because if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no betta work for tinker’s hands, because pink wigs birthed millennial whiplash, because it’s the rhyme behind seasonal reason, because you’re not B and will never see it her way… because Britney didn’t have Twitter in 2007, because the traphaus was birthed in the wake of Kevin, because Miss Spears will remain the bad bxxch you’ll never know, because they shouldn’t have let her blackout the ‘net #work: nouveau decided to put on a show #luckystarswipgolden


because there was no twitterverse then …

because there was a war going on man
because there was no carson to bring you up

because you thought you knew but you had no idea
because there was no guarantee that lindsay lohan was like okay like

because once upon a time there were haircuts …

because there was an empire to take down
because everybody comes to hollywood
because mona lisa had to fly

because there was nowhere else to be at 4pm every weekday …

because she continues to be the original doll
because we’re still so sick of toy soliders
because, it’s britney



BT07E3 18

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