Le Trap Haus Presents: Vinyl Mind Flow, Ep. 2

The mind is a Geppetto.

The mind is a character, crafted at the hands of a director – to portray and display navigation. Precise design, guidance, vision, supposed to nurture and cultivate. Educate, inform, to build the context, the mental escape of this world for the inanimate – it has the power; and channel energy and light by way of inspired design, craftsmanship, workmanship, inspiration, execution, perspective, that creative spark

– and yet: it’s quiet, it’s sure. stoic. astute. precise and so articulate, in so few words, not that it doesn’t know them, but rather that it chooses to explore… the endless possibility in the world of language, in all its beautiful forms, and manifestations. it reaches beyond convention, and creates entirely new points of articulation. highlights them… paths, new roads to explore and ways to get from point a to point b and back again…

– and did all this for a wooden creature. something that he took from nature, something that was assumed to be dead. something pre-animate and in its design it is able to dictate its purpose. its function is inherently in its fashion – how it is built, how it is crafted, what it wears before it was aware, is exactly what determines its role in this life – and we all have that power, and she has that power. and the mind is that power


The mind is the Geppetto in America; when the director, in this marketplace that never belonged in my Father’s house, is Disney.

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