Vinyl Cut Prose // Be Scene: Lady Gaga, “I Want Your Love” (#TFWSS16)

Whatever this is… – all of it. Forever and always. #andthatsallweneedtosayaboutsaidthus #always #paris #with #kids #these #daze

pretense: if only all covers projected couture #hauteculture #immerseinthepresent

If, If, I were to blinkk this I’d probably say… Disco Heaven, lucky sevens, “‘Bad Romance’s bigger, badder, bolder older sister, the one who apprenticed under Baudrillard, and eloped with Josephine Baker one artful midnight in the city of lights – that older sister,” genes and jeans, harlows sprawled along quicksilver silkscreens, poetry in motion, paucity exposed gilded within, break beats, parisian heat, always Paris with artpop stars, bars and brilliance, every motion masterpiece a time and space void of twain…

always the anthem, all alone, because to go through life like a karate kid, eyes dream infinitely of love supreme… haus chic, somewhere basquiat and reagan… somewhere on sandbar 45… soulboxing with the luminaries… serving with edie and mcqueen, plato’s atlantis persephone’s renaissance, pandora’s fanmade scene… hemlines and basslines, well-tailored tempos… this is artpop as much as it is the fame as much as it is the electric kiss manifest boogie elastic…

funk meet punk, punk meet jazz, jazz meet the door and the banks’ freshly cut grass subcultures ascend, #gilded77 grapes of gatsby, coltrane featuring the clash… it could be anything but anything is everything… and this is the egot meets asoff and this is emmy horror stories made fairy tales, grammys, oscars, and tony… and this is back to the beginning just dancing for the applause, the fame its mistress monster called fashion, work it black jesus… never for the fortune, forever bound to the fame… once and again plastic fantastic – divine human being, forever stellar #dansencorelovegame

#andthen Vinyl Cut Prose

Welcome to the SoulBox; make your way through the screen, coast along the melodious mix as you taste the designer’s dream… the muse is the maker, the canvas her craft, that shared space between fabric, fiber and form is where the pop star as artist, the star as the scene, the creator as a public ambiguity – that divine mediated mystery – become the culture at last. here we have designer disco. studio 54. back before the monster ball to The Fame’s modern signature.

Welcome to the SoulBox. This is Post-Pop. This is the definitively opinionated return of artpop’s cult reign. Cycles and seasons, lyrical rhythms collect just like the line. Each fiber a figure suspended as stellar spectacle, frozen in motion, projecting the moment through the body itself, perpetual luminous evolutionaries create said culture’s sense of time.

Welcome to the SoulBox. Where now we go back to Clinton Era prosperity, pop as fashion – and verse the vice and vice the versa – eternal teen ambition, and the splendor of collective luxury … not owned or acquired by capital in false focus, rather inherited by natural design formed to fit all humanity.

love is the only textile. love is the sole fabric, fiber, stitch and fold.

welcome to the soulbox, j’adore c’est la mode.

because i wouldn’t be swiper if i didn’t deluge cerebral tsunamis of vinyl mind flows

I riffed on “I Want Your Love” #TFWSS16’s trailer for four minutes and eleven seconds: this is the verbatim transcription… #likewealwaysdoatthistime

it’s such a beautiful world we live in when the world is your runway and when you can encapsulate art and culture and fashion and motion iconography in a way that conveys a mood and a scene at its most elemental and essential i think that’s divine and all of this is to say, yet again, we’re at paris fashion week for the spring summer collection as the fall looms over the autmnal introduction we return to france because it’s always paris with pop stars and of course we find ourselves in the eternal juxtaposition of yin and yang black and white dark and light and of course who better to set the stage for this than a one lady Gaga a personal favorite of mine a muse greatest groundhog’s day ever for the third or fourth time

sixteen seconds so incredibly sweet i think the biggest thing we’re looking at right now is this beautiful maturation this evolution this return to simplicity and minimalist and the core raw the clean very chic cosmopolitan culture haute culture and it’s just so focused and it’s so clear, i don’t even know what i’m watching at a certain point in time to the point where i’m ruminating in circles just talking about the artistry of it all right now it’s just the poetry in motion, just the lightbox and the darkroom…

you’ve got this profile, you’ve got this portfolio, you’ve got this still iconography interspliced, intersperced with beautiful violins, that ephemeral ethereal and she’s a ghost, and she’s so real and present these words make no sense because it’s more than a sense and a mood conveyed personally i’m just piqued that this icon this figure has again evolved into herself returning to the source with every move and it seems like she’s going backwards and it seems like she’s going somewhere i don’t know i feel like i’m getting sophomoric a bit …

to honor the shooter, to return to basics … maestros, muses, and blueprint symphonics

we’ve got people in the shadows we’ve got the return to disco we’ve got the return to the confessional we’ve got the return to the vatican by way of vamp we’ve got alejandro, we’ve got vogue, we’ve got celebration, we’ve got runway, we’ve got fashion we have interview we have inner visions and inner versions of better versions of that which brought us to this we’ve got light coming from below we’ve got the cleanest bright we’ve got the lightbox we’ve got the living lightbox we’ve got poetry in motion we’ve got motion in suspense, we’ve got violins calling to the heavens and percussion pulsing terra nova, we’ve got valkyries on display we’ve got the cleanest most divine kin of humanity and it was born this way.


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