mood:ring :: “new beat vibes”

mood: scribing the dance of denizen chameleons and the art of camouflage backdrops with urban guardians c/o @hushartist 

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ring: my aura takes the form of the aurora borealis, or a floral pattern, more or less a forest to your salad, the neural path eye’ve traveled has immediate reaction, can’t you see that i am beaming? eye’ll be leaving in a second, sipping magic from a chalice, detached from the distractions, at last, eye can relax, looking past all of the action, a fraction or a fragment of me actually is present, the rest of me is heavenly, the seventh house’s zenith, yes, the fence intimidates, it’s meant to keep you out, but, let your senses resonate and leap it in a bound, ‘cause freedom isn’t found inside a visa or a crown, and even the voice of reason, couldn’t speak it out loud but mortals are immortal when their soul has been imported to a source that is more sovereign, important to the whole whole, this is the warmest moment of a poet turned heroic, as he slowly comes to focus, go ahead and watch me glow… tried to make ends meet, but picked up a new beat, and so eye laid out, flickering, painting stars, touch art, lush heart, dreamer tripping on these vibes


now playing: “new beat vibes, i’m beamin’;” tove lo, lupe fiasco, all-city chess club, toro y moi


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