“supersonic tint, cosmic disguise”

mood: silhouette sockets and corner pockets, windows to the soul all in the palm… hand-eye coordination station c/o @evanyorkart #lightguisezeitgeist

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ring: new horizon and sides from the eyes, discovery of the unknown, is something to tell the folks back home, in the whites of the eyes, there’s a supersonic vibe, you can tell by the years, it’s a warrior who flies, just a cosmic whirl, from another galaxy, art’s at zero gravity, from a cosmic world, so when you look, look hard and look twice, is that eternity, or just a brilliant disguise, within, without, as below, so above, rewind the world of the one who doubt’s what they’re sure of, it’s always just on the horizon, colourless color, once in fashion, soon to be rediscovered…


now playing: “supersonic tint cosmic disguise;” la roux, jamiroquai, bruce springsteen

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