mood:ring :: “rhapsody in muse”

mood: onyx views and new world vantages, terra nova upon alchemical wings of indigo angels… manifest movements with divine ministers and mainframe muses… synchronous rhythms and rhapsodic blues

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ring: taking a foreign flight, looking for signs of life, when you flashed upon my scene, testing the atmosphere, your silhouette appears, and eye know i’m not alone, but empty haze, is all that remains, i’m lost on the sidewalk, just calling your name… listen, it’s the sparkle you become, octagon, polygon, pipes up an organ, sonic branches, crystallizing galaxies, spread out like my wings, listen how they grow… listen to the music, the sound of the angels, come and see the child, who can make you whole… zion-bound crusader, away from harm and danger… who is? just your favourite dj saviour, since 1990, put a smile on your face like ultra-bright… sweet beautiful soul saving joy, joy in my soul


now playing: “alchemy rhapsody indigo ascent;” whitney houston, bjork, m83, teeko, dj shadow

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