BlinkkMusique :: Gaga Chromatica’s “Stupid Love”

Stardate : 2020


… Lady Gaga has been sent from
 Earth to infiltrate Chromatica culture
 one frequency at a rhyme …

Initiate iPhone probe



Has anybody scene l’chromatiqueeeeeeee … ?????


Been a long time since I came around, been a long time but I’m back in town … somethin’, somethin’ about the chase … (LG)SIX WHOLE SPHERES

That said : Somewhere amidst chromesthesia, materialized ephemera, playground theatrics and renegade kindness tactics, stark optics bathing hypersaturated stimuli … in the deserted canvas of an Apple-induced alternate reality … in no uncertain terms — regardless of the any and everything else surrounding the “so, what now …” of LG6 — before any of this gets ahead of itself … in this moment, for the record, just to establish a humble POV on this genesis seed, for the sake of perspective ( *checks imaginary watch* yep, right on time )


Right then :: brass tacks, on the blink — this first single, “Stupid Love,” from the as-yet-to-manifest-in-its-debutante-form sixth solo studio album from said Lady, is by definition, nothing more and never anything less than, well : GAGA (the Regenesis, Vol. Chromatica)

So, no one is, left out … (linguistically-speaking) :: the buttoned-up, top-down, brass tacks : (issall mathemagical equation stations)

stupid adjective

  1. : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner
      : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish
  2. : marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless
  3. : lacking interest or point 
  4. : vexatious, exasperating


love noun

  1. : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties
      : attraction based on physical desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers
      : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests
  2. : the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration
  3. : unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another


gaga adjective

  1. : crazy, foolish
  2. : marked by wild enthusiasm : infatuated, doting

Bam.” (because : in, this, Haus, we, will, never, not, tip, the, mint, gauze, cap, this, and, every, Spring)

Onward, vanguard, avanti, alee …


So, a lot of this is stream-of-consciousness … just top-line takeaways with some echoes of exposition and proximal ruminations in the general repartee (as always, with these sorts of musings on scene) … but … so, thus established …

“Stupid Love,” just, it feels … fun (and low-key SO. SIMPLE. … well, for those who … want just to be love; because: it’s not easy being mondegreen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Unsolicited obligatory aside: And, of course, I could (but won’t … well, in the immediate herein) elaborate quite extensively on the rebelliousness, and active resistance to the dominant modus operandi, that is exercising one’s agency (namely, as a cultural figure of LadyHatred, or evil … it’s intelligent — it’s smart … and it’s invisible” Gaga’s (pause … for the let-that-link-sink-in … because : if evil is smart (and invisible), maybe it can be conquered with … stupid, love ? now deluge it in TECHNICOLOR DAY-GLO) particular social positioning … ) through the empowered innocence of symbolic recreation with hidden-in-plain-view (however apparently heavy-handedly on-the-nose) political commentary … effectually, the activism in: “play-like-it’s-pretend-popaganda, but let me be clear : MESSAGE.” So, all of those syllables are to recognize the tribalist kindness punk motif … which, regardless of how it was intended when it was written … is undoubtedly how more than a few of the viewers will read said scene … “Stupid Love:” because, let’s have some fun, this beat is sick play the tribalism of socio-politics.

But, back to the fun … or the function … or some element of any something that resonated on that debut screening / first-spin :: GAGA : The (and AGAIN) Regenesis, Vol. Chromatica :: So, if “Stupid Love” is, effectually, this sixth iteration of GAGA (the any and everything said zeitgeist means … as a phrase, as an entity, as a cultural form, pop figuration, in forseeable perpetuity) … the Lady herself, is, yet (again again) nothing more and never anything less than … that pop missionary, that preeminent ambassador, that locus source of this signature energy … so : that said … SO, WHAT : “SWIPER, THAT POINT, FROM BEFORE: MAKE IT A MATE.”


“Stupid Love” … the video — as much as Gaga herself — is, effectually, a transmission (unneccessary referential aside :: because, when she’s on a transmission, she rebukes logical convention — since she’s a strong female, she doesn’t need permission #danceonthatsingleflair) : … it’s a genesis point that gives root reference to whatever this seed scene will blossom into as far as the orchard of an imminent creative era, that evolution of the existing narrative … Here — however the scope gets spun — everything in this #ShotOniPhone frame is pure energetic transfer … it’s an exploration, at the very least, an expression, of transmutation at a(n apparently) primitive level (because it’s: square one; baby steps to leaps and bounds … it’s a marathon not a (though this iPhone can be brought to you by #AD) Sprint, kids) … you’ve got this Lady and her tribe, decked out in Pink (CHROMATIC MOTIF) … they enter this desolate tundra, inhabited by a whole spectrum of rainbow brigade babies (and, born, thus, way — happy anniversary, it’s their anniversary) … and, there’s a lot of dancing, battling, singing, voluminous silence by way of sartorial bombast, cacophonous landscapes of crystalline desert topography … it’s all so sensory … and at the core of each scene or frame or capture … there is … just, energy … and it’s in constant exchange, and transit caprice (even the sierra range seems to glow with increasing luster as the sequence unfolds : très biophilic) … and at the center of this energetic revolution …

GAGA, or, well, the matriarch emissary … the pink prima donna … Lady of the GAGA … (you see where this is going …) … navigating the shift … where there was conflict, LG enters the space, and — a voila : choreo! That energy is contagious, that energy is senseless, that energy is infatuating, and illogical, for all intents and purposes … it doesn’t need a reason to exist, it doesn’t need validation to get lifted … some might say it stakes its imperial claim on the blacktop doctrine of just dance … so I don’t know where this was going … but at some point in the premiere … it appeared or just, clicked … within some capacity … we’ve got the infiltration of a signature energy, and a zeitgeist (human / humanoid / hybrid that can withstand … ?) to inject said frequency into the contemporary anatomy … so, maybe, let’s all get elevated on that homo luminous dosage of love supreme, ( because : thy Chromatica could, glean, a-ny-thing … plot pivot: CHROMATICARTPOP’d )

Tbh, it’s never “that deep” ( … isn’t it though ? no … ? well … depth is subjective — onward ) … i guess, we’ve just got some kids, some chromatiques, lotta loud colors and levels of choreo … for the kids, for the culture … for the motivation of education and punked up kindness campaign … also, got some iPhones … because, mountaintops in chromatica as filmed by drones (money) … and, yes, I am aware that I failed to mention the checklist of proximal pop media references occupying SL’s otherwise-discourse (i.e. Power Rangers! Anime! 80s (insert entertainment franchise / media technique here)! 90s (insert entertainment franchise / media technique here)! Video Games (insert RPG / Fighting / 8, 16, 32 bit franchise of choice here)! Sci-Fi (just … any of it, apparently)! CAMP (but, IT IS … is it, though — SURE, WHY NOT)!) … but I never know encyclopedic objective empirical references so, leaving said laundry list to the experts … ( *cue unsolicited graphic illustrating pastiche collection alluding to elements of aforementioned overlooked referential imagery*)


Alright, hall write, on sight : think that’s about it for this blinkk musing on an ocularphonic first spin in the realm of chromatica hausing … and with that : keep it just love, kids 🎶


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