now playing :: “hausa phoenix”

mood :: renaissance flaircase wit revelation station, echoing alongside enigmatic elan vitals … hanging onto pursed lips reprise, musing mythosophical memoranda riding alongside, zen edenesque botanical suspension frequencies … scribing hybrid blueprints of architecture futurists … pondering prototypes, l’mausolarium … it’s all just passion and pascha dialogue : “you have to burn down your house to feel alive sometimes…”

ring :: ooh, rest your weary heart, dry your teary eyes, i know you are scarred, and torn apart inside, darlin’ so am i, baby i was born tired, getting more tired as time passes me by, i’ma need more fire, way way more fire, ayyy, i’m tired, but i’m fired up inside … eye used to go to the ferris wheel every morning, just to throw my anger out the door, revolution is a relay sport, when the one who’s burned, turns to pass the torch … eye can’t believe it, life is such a funny journey, psychedelic in the 11th hour, hercules your service is no longer needed, it’s just like make believe, don’t you want to know the truth … eye’ll ask but i know the answer, what the muck? for a buck, who shilled the world? so come back my shadow dancer, from the dark, joan of arc, show us a pearl …

eye can see the splendor coming round, every day, every day, in a spiral, better help scene now, i’m showing crown, when did I get home? around and around it goes, around and around it shows … ignite me, licking at the flames daze brings about, found these old letters from years ago … staying out of trouble to a reasonable extent, what i wrote was sort of my way of finally being able to address how it feels, another brick-red room, another black-top town, another misspelled band burning their own houses down, another pine-box tune to fill the cemetery day, another star a touch of orange over purgatory gray … so before the regiment resumes, before the dreaded sun appears, my driver’s waiting, so let’s make one point crystal clear: eye loved you so fast, and now i’m back where eye started, to magic beyond compare …

hausa phoenix

drive me like we daydream, to the edge of where you start, leave me in the afterglow, the dew of striving stars, a storm is coming, eye feel it in my scars, and in the morning we’ll wonder where we are … some people lie and believe, they’ll never fly, there is no value in youth, unless it is wise and kind, lest we forget regret, foraging treasures left, this is temporal, all we have is our temperament … taking for granted all i’ve had, now eye remember all you’ve said, i’ve got to know who eye am, laughing about it all… now, while I’m still alive… till when? … what was i trying to prove to you, a sense of my own failure, denial of the truth, but then eye realized in a dream, when i was a butterfly …  history repeats, and we defeat ourselves again, history repeats, and we compleat ourselves again, come on everybody, one more time again …

* * *

now playing :: “hausa phoenix”

* *


* *


Jhené Aiko Born Tired
(Chilombo / 2020)
Fiona Apple Relay
(Fetch the Bolt Cutters / 2020)
The Strokes Eternal Summer
(The New Abnormal / 2020)
Incubus Karma, Come Back
(Trust Fall EP (Side B) / 2020)
Phantogram In A Sprial
(Ceremony / 2020)
Halsey Hold Me Down
(BADLANDS / 2015)
Paramore No Friend
(After Laughter / 2017)
Little Dragon Rush
(New Me, Same Us / 2020)
Purity Ring rubyinsides
(WOMB / 2020)
RJD220 Grand Palace
(The Fun Ones / 2020)
Yael Naim The Sun
(nightsongs / 2020)
Ellis Zhuangzi’s Dream
(Born Again / 2020)
TOKiMONSTA For My Eternal, Oh Dream My Treasure
(Oasis Nocturno / 2020)

Brittany HowardHistory Repeats
(Jaime / 2019)

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