Music Monday: La Roux, Mid-Air, Title Magazine

If you write it, they will come – illiteracy notwithstanding. Awhile back I wrote a review on an up-and-coming indie culture mag, Title. I thought they were pretty much amazing, and come to find out, the magazine thought the same about me. A few months, and a game of email tag later, we are one. The Editor-in-Chief invited me to write a few reviews for their third installment and such is the product


So, if you haven’t already – first off, why not? – but more importantly, check out Title Magazine …


And to make sense of the review lend your ears to Mid-Air and La Roux



Watch this space: Literate or not you can enjoy the brilliant artwork within the Title pages, and you don’t need my two cents to enjoy the sonicscapes created by Mid-Air and La Roux – for those of you who fall on the “ill” side of literacy I appreciate you somehow stumbling across my blog …


  1. OMG…. Polydor … major labelllll. :P

    nice review btw.

    (you know I couldn’t remember why I bookmark your blog. and for awhile I thought. why did I have this blog on my must monitor list…..

    until I saw washington DC all over your nav bar.

    it’s S_S!!!

  2. it’s Sq!!!!!

    OMG … Polydor … TOO major for wds haha — head + shame = down

    honest? y’mean it?! i don’t care how many notches i get in the brilliant or bullocks columns, it doesn’t mean a thing until i get your seal of approval

    DC all day … even when i’m far far away haha

    seriously though, i’ve gotta get you on my blogroll sir

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