Dime Dailies: Dads, there’s something I’ve got to tell you…

Brilliant commercial: edutaining PSAs ftw

What was left on the cutting room floor:

“Well, we did the best we could. But it’s your choice – because remember that’s what heterosexuality is: a choice. You’re choosing bad fashion sense, Bud Light, frat life, poor hygiene, and those God-awful muscle cars. Where did we go wrong? We played you The Immaculate Collection every night, you’ve had subscriptions to Out and Vogue since you could read –– you were the youngest personal shopper at Barney’s for Christ’s sake! No, no, I’m not mad… I just I just want what’s best for you and your future… Have you even thought about your future – or did Cheney and McCain already rewrite for you that like a Texas Textbook. It’s… it’s just so hard for straight couples out there. Look at the divorce rate, look at their average income… say goodbye to Chelsea and hello Brooklyn… Are you sure about this? Why don’t we go to Monster Ball and see if Gaga can’t scare you gay again – huh, sound good kiddo? Lil’ free bitch never hurt anyone… right? Fine, forget it; and forget about that flight attendant internship too…

goodbye Fly Girls – check please.”

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